Another Shelter Hotel Is Preparing for Development in East New York

As reported on multiple occasions, East New York is being overrun with hotels, most of which are being developed into shelters. The growth of these hotels proves that the homeless problem in East New York will continue until something is done to provide permanent housing for men, women and families. For the past 20 years the number of people who are homeless and the number of homeless shelters has increased in East New York.

According to YIMBY permits were filed recently for an eight-story hotel building at 2396 Atlantic Avenue between Sackman Street and Jardine Place, the interior lot is near the Broadway Junction subway station.

The proposed 85-foot-tall development will yield 30,557 square feet, with 22,922 square feet designated for commercial space. The building will have 75 rooms, with an average unit scope of 305 square feet. The concrete-based structure will also have a cellar and a 49-foot-long rear yard.

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