Check Out These Outdoor Ideas For Seniors To Enjoy This Spring!

Now that the weather is getting better in NYC, what better way to enjoy it than getting fresh air and doing cool things with your family/friends?

Below you can find some ideas for your loved ones to enjoy this Spring!

1. Walks In The Park
In the morning, while everyone is at work and school, seniors can enjoy semi-empty parks! Take your loved one on a daily stroll to get their days worth of cardio.

2. Have A Picnic With Loved Ones
Spring time is the perfect time to get together with your grandkids to have picnics at the park! Pack healthy lunches and make sure to bring a camera to capture the moment!

3. Sightseeing
Even if you live in the city, sightseeing never gets old! Book a tour of the city and enjoy the views of the city’s well known treasures.

4. Spring Cleaning/Yard Sale
A new season means out with the old, and in with the new! Get rid of your old winter stuff and create a yard sale (which also means you can earn some extra money!)

5. Create Your Dream Garden
Gardening is another great activity for spring. The sunshine and the constant rainfall that happens this season makes for delicious veggies and beautiful plants/flowers to have in the summertime! This is also another fun activity that you can do to bond with your loved ones.

Have fun!

Image via Australian Seniors Insurance Agency


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