‘Flight Night’ Global Hip-Hop Festival Coming to Harrisburg, PA with Kota the Friend Headlining and Local Artists Opening

photo by Tyler Blint Welsh

Brooklyn, NY – September 30, 2021 / NYCNewswire – Today it was announced that ®fltbys Music and Entertainment (Flight Boys) will commence its Global Flight Night Hip-Hop Festival Series in Harrisburg PA, on November 12, 2021, at Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center (HMAC) with Kota the Friend headlining.

“I’m hyped to kick off the Flight Night Festival in Harrisburg. HMAC is a great venue and Midtown Harrisburg is one of my favorite lowkey places to hang out. It’s like this secretly cool spot,” said Kota.

Launching Flight Night in Harrisburg makes sense as Kota purchased a building in a prime Midtown, Harrisburg location in 2019. The complex is named the ®fltbys (Flight Boys) building. The ground floor houses the ®fltbys store, which will retail apparel, skateboards, vinyl albums and artwork from the local, Pennsylvania scene. The shop was originally slated to open just prior to the pandemic but is now set to launch this November.

Pennsylvania musicians including Brianna Castro (Philadelphia), Drew Tyrell (Harrisburg), J Radiant (Philadelphia), Derrick Juwan (Philadelphia), 10D4YS (Philadelphia) and Neptune the Poet will set the stage for Kota as opening acts.  Flight Night’s mission to empower the local population has been recognized by the Harrisburg residents and artists alike.

Said indie artist and Harrisburg’s own Drew Tyrell, “It actually means everything to me that I’m able to open for Kota.  I was made aware of his music maybe a year ago when it was announced he would be building his complex in Harrisburg.  The opportunity is priceless, and I’m beyond grateful he is willing to share his fanbase.  It is a blessing, especially here, in Harrisburg, where I come from.”

Philadelphia R&B artist Brianna Castro added, “Getting to know him (Kota) over the last year has been great.  We can talk about work and real life when we need to.  He’s so supportive and kind.  He’s a genuine person and I’m excited for us to finally meet and perform!”

Harrisburg’s Flight Night will begin to define the nature of the series, which is poised to achieve similar bearing worldwide. In 2022 the Flight Night Festival will make stops in New York City, Chicago, LA, Colorado, and the Bay area, before turning its sights internationally, in Europe.

Tickets are available at FlightNight.com.


About KOTA the Friend

KOTA the Friend is an Independent hip-hop producer and recording artist who has amassed over 400 million streams and 5 million monthly listeners globally. He launched the fltbys skate and culture brand in 2008 when he was a junior in Brooklyn HS of Performing. KOTA is also a trained musician, who plays the trumpet, guitar and keyboards.


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