Fusion East Restaurant Owner Announces Specials for Seniors and Groups While at the Pre Easter Hat Pageant in East New York

Fusion East Caribbean Soul Restaurant owner, Andrew Walcott, announced last week at the Pre-Easter Hat Pageant, in East New York, that he was going to start offering lunch and dinner specials for senior groups.  Over 500 seniors attended the 3rd Annual Pre-Easter Hat Pageant, which was hosted by Congressman Hakeem Jeffries and former ENY District Leader, Nikki Lucas.  Fusion East was the food sponsor for the event.  Upon seeing all of the seniors at the event, and understanding the importance of socializing at a great event, over a great meal, Walcott was moved to make the offer.

Walcott made good on his promise, and is now offering specials for seniors and non-profit groups.

If you have not been to Fusion East, then you are in for a treat. The restaurant has a great atmosphere, with real food, and there’s outdoor seating for the late Spring and Summer months.  The restaurant also has live jazz one day per month.

The restaurant is located at 1179 Elton St, just steps from the entrance to the Gateway Mall, on the Elton St. side.

See the flyer below.