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Wall Street Journal Features NYC Hip Hop Artist & Producer ‘KOTA The Friend’ In Their Take A Break Segment

photo by Tyler Blint-Welsh / Wall Street Journal  New York City hip hop artist KOTA The Friend continues his rise to fame as an...

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Outdoor Dining Is Open at Fusion East Caribbean Soul Restaurant for Brunch Lunch and Dinner Steps from the Gateway Mall

If you’re looking for an outdoor option nearby for your weekend brunch or your weekday lunch or dinner, the Fusion East Caribbean...

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NYC Alternate Side Parking Back in Effect With New Rules You Should Know Starting Monday June 29

Alternate Side Parking (ASP) regulations are suspended through Sunday, June 28, 2020. All other parking rules remain in effect. However,...

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Congressman Hakeem Jeffries Will Appear Live on VOICES of East New York Sunday June 28 @9am

Join Congressman Hakeem Jeffries Live! Sunday June 28 @9am on VOICES of East New York with Nikki Lucas. You can participate in the...

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$5 Lunch Specials Served Daily from Fusion East Caribbean Soul Food Truck in Brownsville

Sponsored Content – Fusion East The Fusion East Caribbean Soul Food Truck is serving daily $5 lunch specials, including stew chicken,...

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Brooklyn’s Global Hip Hop Artist KOTA The Friend Will Be Live on VOICES of East New York Sunday June 21 Talking About Being Independent & Financial Freedom

Staying with the mindset of Juneteenth and the New Black EmPowerment Movement, this Sunday June 21, 2020 @9am, ‘KOTA The...

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Juneteenth OpEd: The New Black EmPowerment Movement Includes Ownership of Property and Business

by Nikki Lucas Today many people are celebrating Juneteenth, the liberation from slavery. However, to truly be free, ownership must be...

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NYPD Eliminates Plain Clothes Anti-Crime Units and Moving 600 Cops To Neighborhood Policing and Other Departments

Distributed via NYC Newswire It has been well documented that the NYPD’s plainclothes units, along with their uniformed cops have...

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Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners & Freelancers Join Rafael Espinal the President of Freelancers Union Live This Sunday June 14 on VOICES of East New York

If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner or freelancer be sure to join this week’s live discussion with former NYC Councilman...

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Fusion East Restaurant Brings Their Caribbean Soul Cuisine To Brownsville for Lunch Specials

Fusion East, the chic’ Caribbean Soul restaurant located just outside of the Elton St entrance of the Gateway Mall in East New York,...

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