3 Components Of Effective Hyper Focused Marketing For NYC Companies Of All Sizes

Hyper-Focused Marketing is exactly what it sounds like; marketing to a hyper-focused audience. Marketing and communications professionals throw around the term, however, many do not understand it, nor do they take it as serious as they should.

If a company is looking to differentiate itself from competitors, and become a leader in its industry, then hyper-focused marketing is a must. In this age of digital media, brands have a chance to control their messaging, if they can grasp the concept. Below are 3 components to an effective hyper-focused marketing initiative.

1 – Create Content

The first step to any effective marketing in today’s digital world, is the creation of content. Not just any content, but content that will make your company a thought leader in its industry, and will drive customers to your website.  Use this content as an opportunity to educate your potential customer on your services. If your company is not creating content then you are leaving the door open for your competitors to engage your customer base. Once your customer is engaged by a competitor, you are on your way to losing that customer.

2 – Distribute Content Online

Your content should be distributed on hyper-focused digital media platforms where your target audience looks to for information on specific topics that they care about. This is their online community where they go to connect directly with like-minded people. They subscribe to the website newsletter, connect with other community members online and offline, and they make decisions based on the content they read on their trusted community platform.  This is unlike social media channels like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, where the goal is to showoff how many “likes” they receive, with no real substance that leads to increasing your sales or visits to your website. More importantly, trust in social media content continues to decrease. Social media channels are where consumers hangout for entertainment purposes. People connect to their passions or like-minded communities through industry specific digital media platforms, outside of Facebook.

You should partner with the online community that your potential customers trust, by providing weekly or monthly resource content that is important to the community members. As a result, the community will embrace your brand or company, as a supporter of their lifestyle, making your brand a part of their lives.

These platforms should have robust social media channels, and they should include eblasts to their members. Try your best to be included in the eblasts. Having your brand/content included in third party eblasts is extremely effective for acquiring new business.

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3 – Grassroots Community Engagement

If the online community has offline opportunities (grassroots events), try to become an event sponsor or supporter.  Connecting on the grassroots level, along with digital engagement, can be a home run. This combination ensures that your brand is now a part of the lives of your target community, online and offline.

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