Check Out The Most Anticipated Movie Of The Year “Pressure” At The Linden Blvd Movie Theater!

About Pressure:
This long awaited, much anticipated film of the year depicts life found in our inner city communities around the world. Directed by Brooklyn’s finest, Fort Green native, Abdu Dandridge, “Pressure”. depicts 1980s Brooklyn, before and after the influx of narcotics which nearly eradicated an entire race & generation from becoming productive members of society. “Pressure” tackles the issue head on, up front, with no punches pulled. An action packed drama that speaks the narrative of the streets, while bringing home a conscious message that may change minds. “Pressure” aims to instill a sense of self worth and common sense, that can empower an entire generation to make the right life choices. This film may not be “Black Panther”, but it surely has the “Black Answer”.

NOW SHOWING at the Linden Blvd Multiplex theater, East New York section of Brooklyn.  2784 Linden Blvd Brooklyn NY, 11208.

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