From the onset, CraftPalooza was created to be a platform for a super talented individual, who needed an outlet to showcase their creativity.  Founded by HealthJox Foundation’s Executive Director – Dewry DuRoi Bradford, he launched CraftPalooza on Saturday, October 22, 2022, at the Tillary Hotel Ballroom located at 85 Flatbush Avenue Extension – Brooklyn, NY 11201.  This “free event” presented over 30-top street artists, models, and performers.  Given Brooklyn’s reputation for its robust creative culture, it was a natural choice to launch in the borough synonymous with Biggie and the Brooklyn Nets.  CraftPalooza proved to be an authentic, nostalgic, Brooklyn experience for the entire family.  Attendees enjoyed healthy food and drinks as they vibed with some of the most talented creatives in the city of New York.


Award-winning artist, mentor and inventor – Marco Santini’s art sold for $1,000 during CraftPalooza.


As Dewry DuRoi and the CraftPalooza Team continue to expand the brand, the importance of involving NYC’s youth in projects that inspire them to enhance their talents and discover how to monetize their creativity becomes increasingly evident. Dewry DuRoi emphasizes, “If our youth cannot find a pathway to success through nurturing their talents, they risk leading unfulfilled lives by not pursuing their passions and purposes.” He further explains, “CraftPalooza was conceived to provide our talented youth with clear opportunities. It also aims to introduce young individuals, not only to the creative aspects but also to the business side of things, encouraging them to explore careers in management and production. There’s a role suited for everyone.”


Live performances at CraftPalooza (TripleJ, Fadee & JaredSB) and CorDuRoi fashion show.



In 2024, HealthJox’s fresh objective is to uncover the most exceptional talent within NYC. Their strategy involves combing the streets of Brooklyn and the other four boroughs to identify the most promising new innovators of our era. To facilitate this, they’ve launched a contest open to all five boroughs, inviting creatives to submit their artwork, songs, performances, and any other creative endeavors to the CraftPalooza Team. Submissions will be evaluated by a voting panel, determining who will be featured at the CraftPalooza Festival in 2025.

All contestants will have to logon to: and click on the link to submit.

Good Luck!

Nathifa King – Writer / Kayla Swindell – Editor


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