What if I do not have a full Press Release? Can I submit an announcement that is not in Press Release format? Yes. You can submit an announcement or simple media alert, detailing the news or event you are looking to get out to the public in a simple format. Our editors will clean it up to make it look good to present to the public.

When I send a Press Release or Announcement how many media outlets will receive it? When you send in a Press Release or Announcement we send it to a minimum of 500 New York City focused media outlets, including blogs, newspapers and television stations.

Can you guarantee that my Press Release or Announcement will get picked up my the media? Yes. We offer a Guaranteed Media Placement Option, through our partnerships with select New York City digital media outlets that reach over 2 million New Yorkers. Our media partners are guaranteed to immediately pickup relevant content from our users.

Can I send a single Press Release or Announcement, or do I need to have a monthly subscription? You have the option of sending a single release or announcement, or you can contact us if you want to send multiple releases throughout the year. The multiple option is great for PR firms and communication departments.

I own a PR agency with clients that are always trying to reach the New York City market, do you have special offers if I send out more than 3 press releases per month from various clients? Yes. If you are sending out 3 or more press releases per month, we can create a great monthly package for you that will save you money, and will get guaranteed results for your clients. Contact Us to get started.

How long will it take before my Press Release or Announcement appears on NYCNewswire.com, and is distributed to the media and your media partners? Your press release or announcement will be “live” on NYCNewswire.com within 24 hours of submitting, and will then be immediately distributed to the relevant New York City media outlets, and our media partners.

I’m a journalist or blogger. Can I put your press releases and photos on my site for my audience? Yes. We just ask that you include NYCNewswire.com as the source, and use the content for media purposes only. You should signup to receive press releases sent directly to your inbox. Journalists and Bloggers signup here.

What does it mean to be a Media Partner?  As a Media Partner you can receive a fee for every piece of content that we place on your website. This is an exclusive opportunity for digital media outlets that have high traffic and’or engagement, within a niche audience in one of our key areas of interest in New York City.  (politics, health, sports, lifestyle, education, culture). Contact us to become a Media Partner.



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