JIG Media Launches Spanish Version of ‘New York for Seniors’ Magazine

While taking a stroll throughout NYC’s neighborhoods there’s a 49% chance of you hearing a conversation that is not being spoken in English. That’s because of the vast variety of cultures that flourish in this melting pot of a city.

Not surprisingly, Spanish speakers make up a bulk of the non-English population — about 25 percent of the city, or 1.87 million residents. For this reason, and by popular demand, JIG Media is proud to announce the launch of the Spanish version of New York for Seniors Magazine, which is available both digitally and in hard copy at participating Senior Centers.

“Ever since we launched last June, we’ve been consistently receiving requests for the magazine to be translated into different languages, especially Spanish”, proclaimed Vernon Jones Sr., CEO of JIG Media. “Having the Spanish version of the magazine will undoubtedly spark exponential audience growth, as it now increases our possible reach by almost 2M residents.”

For hard copies, contact your local senior center. If they do not carry the magazine, please call us at 718.285.9351 or click here to request distribution of the magazine to your senior center.


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