Join the Livestream With Creators of ‘Disabling Limitations’ as Guests on VOICES of ENY with Nikki Lucas

This week’s Livestream of VOICES of East New York with Nikki Lucas will feature the founders of an upcoming show titled ‘Disabling Limitations‘, with Garrison Redd and Jose Colon, who are from Brownsville and East New York.  This show will inspire and motivate you, and will get you to understand the barriers that people with disabilities overcome in order to succeed.

The show will also include a special call-in guest, Adrian Edwards-Smith of Advocacy for the Disabled of NYC.  Mr. Edwards-Smith is working to ensure that people with disabilities have access to the hundreds of museums and culture centers that exist throughout New York City.  He will discuss other issues that he is championing as well. These issues impact over 20,000 people in East New York and Brownsville, alone.

Join the Discussion Live Sunday Feb. 21 @9am – Here’s the Link to Join on Facebook –  If you do not have Facebook you can watch the show live on the homepage of

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