Kota the Friend Drops Official Memorial Day Music Video for His Song Titled ‘Vietnam’


Kota the Friend Releases New Official Video for His Song Titled ‘Vietnam’ in Honor of Memorial Day

Renowned Brooklyn hip hop artist and producer, Kota the Friend, launched his latest Music Video for his song “Vietnam” from his celebrated album “Lyrics to Go Volume 5“. The video premiered on Memorial Day, paying tribute to his grandfather, a veteran of the Vietnam War.

“Vietnam” is a poignant tribute to the bravery and sacrifices of those who served in the Vietnam War, told through the personal lens of Kota the Friend’s family history. The song intricately weaves Kota’s lyrical prowess with soulful beats, creating a narrative that honors his grandfather’s service and the broader experiences of veterans who often go unrecognized.

Kota the Friend has stated, “This song is very close to my heart. It reflects the stories I grew up hearing about my grandfather’s experiences in Vietnam. With this video, I want to honor him and all the veterans who served their country under incredibly challenging circumstances.”

The release on Memorial Day is a deliberate choice, intended to highlight the importance of remembering and respecting veterans who sacrificed and suffered for many years after the war. It also serves as a reminder of the personal connections many have to historical global events, brought to life through music and art.

“Vietnam” from “Lyrics to Go Volume 5” is available on all major streaming platforms. The music video is accessible on Kota the Friend’s official YouTube channel.

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