Kota the Friend Drops Single With New Upbeat House Music Sound

Courtesy TodaysHipHop.com

Brooklyn rapper Kota the Friend has recreated himself once again on latest single, Hope You Heal. This infectious and upbeat track showcases a new side of Kota.  He effortlessly ventures into a unique blend of funk, dance, and pop. With self-produced sound and thought-provoking lyrics, Kota’s new release is all about brushing off negativity. As a result, we’re all one step closer to finding peace of mind. 

Kota the Friend shared:

“It’s an upbeat record about not allowing people’s negativity to get the best of you. ‘I hope you heal’ is basically my response to anyone that is trying to hurt me or distract me from my joy and my purpose.”  

Accompanied by a captivating music video directed by Kota himself, the song embodies the healing power of music. Ultimately, delivering a universal message of positivity.

Hope You Heal

On Hope You Heal, Kota presents a fresh perspective on house music, infusing it with his trademark laid-back style. The song’s uptempo rhythm and pulsating bass lines create an irresistible groove that meshes beautifully with his vocal delivery. Kota’s experimental approach to this track highlights his ability to push boundaries and blend genres. He proves, with no room for doubt, that there is room for evolution within his discography.

The underlying theme of Hope You Heal is centered around staying positive in the face of adversity. On brand, Kota uses his lyrics to uplift and inspire, reminding us all to brush off negativity and find solace in music. Specifically, the track serves as a reminder that music and self-love can be powerful tools for healing, promoting positive energy, and letting go of grudges. For instance, he raps: “I ain’t gone fight with no one and waste my time it’s no fun/hoes can’t kill my vibes when we out in Boca, I let it roll off my shoulder.” 

In addition to the catchy sound and profound message, the music video for Hope You Heal offers a firsthand view of a stay-at-home jam session, perfectly complementing the energy the FLTBYS rapper exudes. Directed by Kota the Friend himself, the video immerses fans in the uplifting atmosphere of the song. Overall, equal parts approachable and fun.  

Hope You Heal arrives hot on the heels of Kota the Friend’s deluxe release for his latest album, To See a Sunset with Statik Selektah. Known for his commitment to pushing the culture forward on his own terms, Kota’s evolution as an artist shines through. Inevitably, with the exciting announcement of FLTBYS creative studio space opening in Dumbo, Brooklyn, one can expect a flood of great content from Kota’s side in 2023 and beyond.   


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