Musician Profile Gerry Eastman Bass Player And Founder of Williamsburg Music Center

Gerry Eastman is a prominent musician of the New York scene and is known for his work as a guitarist, composer, producer, bassist, arranger, conductor, and bandleader. He founded the Williamsburg Music Center in 1981 to foster the creation, performance, and appreciation of American classical music. It is Brooklyn’s only black musician-owned and operated non-profit jazz institution.

Gerry Eastman’s ensemble is a group of excellence and extraordinary talent that embodies the soul and energy of many historical jazz legends. With over 50 years of experience combined, this band is a product of the late great Etta Jones, Luther Vandross, Sarah Vaughan, Count Basie and more. Gerry’s style of music is a mixture of avant-garde jazz, funk, and soul and is performed live every Friday at WMC. Whether it is a collection of rehearsed tunes or impromptu, the music will send you to a zone of good energy and artistic vibes!



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