New Development Coming to Pennsylvania Ave Between Atlantic & Fulton

Just in case you were wondering what is going to happen with the former furniture store located at 50 Pennsylvania Ave, between Atlantic Ave and Fulton St, in East New York, there will be a new development built on that site.

Accoridng to New York Yimby, the 94-foot tall structure will yield 211,400 square feet, with 156,540 square feet dedicated to residential use, and 22,260 square feet for commercial use. 218 apartments will be created, averaging 718 square feet apiece, indicating rentals. Residents will have recreation space, amenities on the second floor, a lobby, laundry, fitness center, and storage space for 109 bicycles and 15 vehicles. Neighbors will benefit from a fresh food store and retail shops on the ground level.

No further information is yet available, in regards to demolition, affordability or images of the building design. As soom as that information becomes available you will be able to find it on



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