Billion Dollar Development at Broadway Junction is Still Important for East New York

Just a reminder for East New Yorkers to not forget about the development of Broadway Junction that is still in the works. Everyone understands and agrees that development is needed, but not everyone agrees on how it will be done.

Broadway Junction, located in East New York, is a major transportation hub where several subway lines converge. The area has been the subject of several development proposals in recent years. Here are some updates on what’s happening with development at Broadway Junction:

Rezoning Proposal:

In 2019, the New York City Council approved a rezoning proposal for a 190-block area of East New York, including Broadway Junction. The rezoning aims to encourage the development of affordable housing and mixed-use buildings in the area.

Development Plans:

Several development plans have been proposed for Broadway Junction, including a $1.4 billion proposal by the Regional Plan Association to create a mixed-use development with affordable housing, retail space, and a public plaza. Another proposal by the Department of City Planning would create a new transportation hub and public space at the site.

Community Input:

Community organizations and activists have been vocal about ensuring that any development at Broadway Junction is equitable and serves the needs of local residents. There have been calls for affordable housing, community facilities, and job opportunities to be included in any development plans

Ongoing Discussions:

While there have been several proposals for development at Broadway Junction, no specific plans have been finalized yet. The city and community stakeholders continue to hold discussions and negotiations to determine the best way forward for the area.

Overall, Broadway Junction is an area of East New York that is poised for significant development in the coming years. The hope is that any development will be inclusive and beneficial for the local community.

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