Independent Hip Hop Artist Kota the Friend Reunites With Statik Selektah on New Single ‘Real Ones’

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Complete with warm aesthetics from a “Lyrics to Go” style music video, Kota the Friend and Statik Selektah find themselves in the same dynamic pocket, where soulful instrumentation meets effervescent lyricism, on their new single, ‘Real Ones‘.   Statik’s jazzy guitar, and nostalgic strings, provide a luscious backdrop for Kota’s poignant storytelling about finding light in the people who believe in him.

“Real Ones is about appreciating the people that really stand by you and love you for who you are. It’s for those people who believe in you even when you’re knocked down and things aren’t looking too good. Instead of focusing on the non-believers I wanted to shine some light on those friends, family, and fans who showed up when I was at my lowest. This is an appreciation track that many people can relate to. We should all appreciate the Real Ones in our lives.” – Kota the Friend 

Kota’s verses are generally chock-full of transformational gems.  But the Brooklyn wordsmith is at his very best when he combines those with cohesive hooks, and “Real Ones” hook connects directly with his quote.

“Life good, know the hate gon’ come

And real shit gon’ bring fake love

And these days, everybody on the same shit

Seem like everybody on some fake shit

I’m only singin’ for the real ones

All the ones that show me real love 

All the ones that have they own mind 

Give me freedom over fame, I ain’t tryna play the game, nah”

To See a Sunset – Kota the Friend and Statik Selektah 

In a recent tweet, Statik Selektah shared, “Me and @KotaTheFriend just mastered album 2 and it’s better than the first.  That’s all.  Good night.  While the tandem has yet to announce a release date for the new album, if the lead single is any indication, it’s sure to be another classic.

Watch the Real Ones music video:


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