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7 Things To Do to Prevent or Fight Diabetes

This is just a friendly reminder for New Yorkers on the best ways to stay healthy, while trying your best to prevent diabetes. The World...

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Mayor Adams And Chancellor Banks Push To Increase Equity In Fair Student Funding Formula

New York City Mayor Eric Adams and New York City Department of Education (DOE) Chancellor David C. Banks announced proposed improvements to...

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Kyrie Irving Goes Live With Message To Millions of Millennials Telling Them Not To Get Distracted

Kyrie Irving, the NBA superstar who has been suspended by the Brooklyn Nets for tweeting a link to a movie that he watched (Hebrews to...

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East New York Welcomes Kingsborough College to the Neighborhood In Its First Satellite Location

Kingsborough Community College President Dr. Claudia V. Schrader summed it up best by saying “It’s a special day to celebrate.” KCC...

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Assemblywoman Nikki Lucas & Community Organizations Partner to Host Bookbag Giveaway Plus Free Food Saturday Aug 27

Content Distributed by NYC Newswire With the first day of school just a couple of weeks away this is the perfect time for an end of the...

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Juneteenth Block Party and Community Leadership Awards Coming to East New York

A fixture in the East New York community since 2019, Universe City NYC is redefining the importance of building a strong economy around...

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Content Distributed by NYC Newswire Schools Chancellor David C. Banks recently announced that beginning Monday, February 28, 2022 masks or...

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Canarsie Resident Voting On How To Spend $40K in the Neighborhood Extended Through Jan 24

New York City is investing $40,000 each, into various neighborhoods across the city, including Canarsie and Flatlands.  Residents and...

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You Can Vote on the Option to Have $40,000 for Mental Health Support for High School Students in Canarsie

New York City is investing $40,000 each, into various neighborhoods across the city, including Canarsie, Flatlands and East New York. ...

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Coney Island Residents Can Vote on How to Spend $40,000 in Their Neighborhood

As part of New York City’s Civic Engagement Commission, in partnership with NYC Taskforce for Racial Inclusion and Equity (TRIE), and...

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