Flatbush Food Co-op Raises Minimum Hourly Wage to $15


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Flatbush Food Co-op Raises Minimum Hourly Wage to $15

Brooklyn, NY- January 9th, 2018

Flatbush Food Co-op today announced it has raised its minimum hourly wage to $15, up from $14.25.  The new wage took effect on New Year’s Day. As a democratically-run business that’s been supporting and employing its neighbors for over 40 years, the co-op is recognized as a leader in the Flatbush community. Now it’s helping to lead the push for a living wage, instituting the pay increase a full year ahead of the city deadline.

As the largest local employer on Cortelyou Road, the co-op provides stable, quality employment to a diverse workforce of 65. An independent and community-owned organic and natural grocer, the co-op is open to the public and committed to serving and keeping profits in the local economy including active support of and collaboration with community organizations, selling healthy, local, and ethically produced products and returning a portion of profits to its members. “It’s good to know you’re supporting a business that pays its employees fairly,” says Amye Rubinschneider, a co-op customer.

Co-op staff also receive a competitive benefits package, including a 401(k) plan with company matching. The co-op provides opportunities for education and career development, including sending staff to national cooperative conferences, internal promotions of staff to positions of greater responsibility and higher pay, and the ability to receive performance-based raises.

“We’ve been a part of this community for over 40 years, and we need to ensure it develops sustainably,” said Mohammed S. Islam, store manager of Flatbush Food Co-op. “For us, sustainable development includes fair pricing for our farmers, competitive wages for our staff, and affordable groceries for shoppers. We’ve always tried to stay well ahead of the federal minimum wage and have been steadily increasing the starting wage to reflect our commitment to providing employees with a stable workplace where they will want to stay.”

About Flatbush Food Co-op:
Established in 1976, Flatbush Food Co-op is a natural foods cooperative located in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Flatbush Food Co-op promotes personal health and nutrition and community consciousness, providing products that are organic, minimally processed and packaged, locally produced, and sustainable, from socially responsible companies.
Everyone is welcome to shop at Flatbush Food Co-op- no membership is required.


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