Introducing Pasha PG: Brooklyn’s Newest Russian Rapper

We at Today’s Hip Hop got the chance to sit down with Brooklyn Russian rapper Pasha PG to discuss music, his influences, and more.

Check it out below!

Today’s Hip Hop: How did you get the name Pasha PG?

Pasha PG: Pasha is my real name and PG meaning P Gunner , like a “go getta”.

THH: Tell me how the 69 feature came about?

PPG: I had an instrumental and set the tone for the song, kind of rock, hip hop sound. I played it for Tekashi and he liked it, because it matched his energy. Plus, he has a fan base in Russia and Ukraine already so it kind of works out for both of us. And we’re both from Brooklyn.

THH: How would you describe your sound?

PPG: Very unique and different from everyone, plus I can adapt to any style or genre while also still keeping slightly old school story telling concepts.

THH: Who are your musical influences?

PPG: 50 cent, Eminem.

THH: What should we look out for from you?

PPG: I created my own lane and I’m gonna takeover and be the only one in it!

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