New Tenant Support Segment on VOICES of East New York With Nikki Lucas Starts With Discussion On Starrett City Tenant Issues

The weekly Livestream show for the East New York community,  VOICES of East New York with Nikki Lucas, has featured guests that have brought loads of resource information to the community.  Guests have included Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, Senators Roxanne Persaud and Julia Salazar, Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez, ENY Elementary School of Excellence Principal Janet Huger-Johnson, Former Congressman Ed Towns, President of Beacon Eldercare Yvonne Murphy and many others.  Each guest has provided resource information ranging from healthcare to career opportunities to housing issues and more. Watch the Past Shows Here

The show is now introducing a new segment dealing with Tenant Issues. This new segment will open discussions on how tenants can organize to get private and public landlords to improve issues within their developments, including public safety, health concerns, senior issues, youth issues and more.

This Sunday October 11, 2020 @ 9am, the show will focus on Tenant Issues in Starrett City / Spring Creek.  Tenant Association members will be on the show to discuss the issues they face and to talk about solutions. We encourage all residents of Starrett City to join the discussion. However, you do not need to be a resident of Starrett to join the discussion.  This segment will be beneficial to tenant of other developments as well as homeowners and condo owners that have associations.

Join the Discussion Live Sunday Oct. 11 @9am at

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