Starrett City Residents Create Petition To Battle Owners Over New Parking Rules

by Nikki Lucas, a longtime  resident of Starrett City and 2021 City Council Candidate for East New York

Tenants of Starrett City (Spring Creek), where I have been living for the past 42 years, created a petition to let the owners know that we are not satisfied with the new parking rules.  For all of my years at Starrett City the tenants were allowed assigned parking spots, which we pay for,  but with the change in ownership of Starrett City comes the change in management. The new management company proposing the new parking rules is Twin Pines Management. They are proposing open parking which comes with a slew of potential problems.

The importance of keeping assigned parking spaces:

  • Residents who are paying for this convenience should not have to come home to look for parking. Open parking does not improve the quality of life for working people who need stability.
  • Open parking opens up a lot of security issues. How can we ensure people who are supposed to park in the garage are the ones using it?
  • Nothing stops a person with outdoor parking from using an indoor spot when it snows.
  • Residents with disabilities should always be able to have an accessible spot.
  • We wouldn’t have to ask these questions if we maintain the order and stick with assigned parking spots, which are paid spots.

If you are a resident of Starrett City / Spring Creek, I am asking that you sign this petition, which will be sent to the owners with the goal of having them include us (the residents) in the discussion of any new changes within Starrett City.  I will be reaching out to ownership to find a solution to this specific problem as well as other issues that have been noticed over the past few months. The more names we have on the petition the more power we will have as a community.

I am asking my Starrett City neighbors to join me in this fight. Sign the Petition.

If you have any other issues within Starrett City, as a result of the new ownership and new changes be sure to contact me at