NYC Health + Hospitals Launches Digital Campaign to Highlight Women’s Health Services

NYC Health + Hospitals is launching a digital campaign today to reassure New York City women of the wide range of health services available to them, regardless of immigration status or ability to pay. Inspired by Women’s History Month and the uncertainty that surrounds the Affordable Care Act, the public health system’s awareness campaign adopted the slogan “Healthy Women = Healthy Communities.” The campaign underscores how women’s health is at the heart of the health of the community. NYC Health + Hospitals encourages women to visit or call 311 and say “women’s health” to take advantage of the high-quality, affordable, and culturally responsive medical, family planning, and mental health services the public health system offers in every borough.

“Women’s health services are seriously threatened by the planned repeal of the Affordable Care Act and other federal initiatives,” said Stanley Brezenoff, Interim President and CEO of NYC Health + Hospitals. “We want New York City women of all ages—including those who may not have a doctor or may think they cannot afford one—to take advantage of the full range of services we provide, build a relationship with one of our caring providers, and live their healthiest life.” NYC Health + Hospitals treated 622,833 women in 2016.

Using the hashtag #NYCWomensHealth, the campaign will leverage social media to mobilize and empower women to make the best health care choices for themselves and their loved ones. When faced with health care decisions, women often go online to research and discuss options with their social media networks.

“What’s discussed online is likely to have a real world impact on communities,” said Machelle Allen, MD, NYC Health + Hospitals Chief Medical Officer. “As the country’s largest health care system, we want to make sure women are armed with the best health care information.”

The campaign will feature six New York women whose stories represent the range of women’s health services offered by NYC Health + Hospitals. Over the course of six weeks, the campaign will highlight NYC Health + Hospitals’ youth health, reproductive health, breast health, mental health, prenatal care, primary care, and chronic disease programs. Ranging in age from teen to senior, the women share their stories, which illustrate the spectrum of health concerns many women are likely to face as they transition through life.

The campaign will also be promoted by community influencers who post selfies holding messages in English or Spanish that sport the campaign’s theme.

“When I was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, I was afraid,” said Patricia Rodriguez, one of the women featured in the campaign. “Now, taking care of my health is my top priority.” To build on the support she received during her treatment, Ms. Rodriguez, who has been cancer-free since 2015, started a Spanish language support group for cancer survivors that meets weekly at NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens. “I’m focused on the future and all the things I can do to help my community.”

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