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Stop Falling for These Fitness Fads! 10 Trends to Avoid (and What to Do Instead)

The fitness industry is a wild place. New trends pop up faster than you can say “protein shake.” Some of these trends are legit...

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7 High Demand Skills Every Woman Could Learn for Free Online

The world of work is constantly evolving, and with it, the skills employers value most. But what if you could gain an edge without breaking...

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Brooklyn Photographer’s Art Adorns Bus Stops, from Bushwick to Chicago

By Christopher Edwards An unseasonably hot day in March didn’t stop passersby from grabbing a free cup of hot cocoa on a Tuesday...

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New York City’s Congestion Pricing and Subway Crime: A Failing Combination from Day One

OpEd by Brian Nicholson – Former Transit Rider and Lifelong New Yorker New York City, once a bustling metropolis renowned for its...

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6 Easy To Make Healthy Dishes for the Spring Season

Tired of feeling sluggish after the winter months? Ready to energize your body with the vibrant flavors of spring? These easy-to-prepare...

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5 Ways to Champion Women with Disabilities: Building a More Inclusive World

Women with disabilities are a powerhouse of strength, resilience, and talent. Yet, they often face unique challenges – physical barriers,...

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Top 5 Rooftop Bars with the Best Views of Brooklyn

The Brooklyn skyline—a unique blend of industrial grit and modern architectural marvels—holds a strangely captivating beauty. And what...

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Busting the Myths: Top 5 Misconceptions About Women’s Health Debunked

From hushed whispers in locker rooms to outdated advice passed down through generations, myths about women’s health are everywhere....

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“Film Focus: Brooklyn Exhibit Explores the Enduring Beauty of the Ephemeral”

By Hannah Berman The line at Brooklyn Film Camera on a recent weekday night crawled out of the door and moved lazily forward. The shop was...

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Breaking Barriers: Brooklyn Gets Its First Black-Owned Cannabis Dispensary

By Anastasia Tomkin Matawana Dispensary, Brooklyn’s first legal cannabis store owned by a Black woman, opened to much fanfare in late...

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Empowering Entrepreneurs: BK Navy Yard Lab Launches BIPOC, Women-Owned Ventures

By Equity Media During a recent press conference, New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced the launch of a new initiative in Brooklyn that...

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