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Holiday Mix & Mingle Karaoke Saturday Dec 21 @ Fusion East

Come out to enjoy a Holiday Mix & Mingle at Fusion East Caribbean Soul Restaurant Saturday December 21, 2019.  (see the flyer below...

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Possible Mismanagement of $3 Mil by ENY Community Board Execs Lead To Protest of Gateway Mall

OpEd by Nikki Lucas Through a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) created over 6 years ago, the Related Companies, owners of the Gateway...

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Applications Available for 9 ‘Affordable Housing Apartments’ in Bed Stuy Building

Applications for 9 “Affordable Housing” are available for units in the building located in Bed Stuy at 322 Gates Ave.. The...

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Brooklyn Independent Hip Hop Artist KOTA The Friend Fresh Off Tour and Day in Vegas Festival Is Featured in London Magazine

photo by Emmanuel Roberts for Notion Magazine KOTA the Friend, the independent hip hop artist from Brooklyn continues to get global...

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Ultra-Processed Foods May Fast Track You to Heart Trouble

By Serena Gordon HealthDay Reporter Grab-and-go foods are an easy option for busy lives, but if you opt for ultra-processed foods a lot,...

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Recognizing Early Signs of Alzheimer’s in A Loved One And Tips for Coping With the Condition

By Beth Witrogen For 30 years, Robyn Yale has been on a mission to raise awareness that people with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease...

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Hundreds Participate in New York for Seniors Health & Wellness Event in Brooklyn While 10 Win Thanksgiving Turkeys

photo by Stan Parham of BrooklynBuzz – Nikki Lucas (center) with 2 Thanksgiving Turkey Winners) The New York for Seniors Health &...

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New York for Seniors Health & Wellness Resource Series Continues With Its Healthy Holidays Edition Thursday Nov 14, 2019

Official event flyer below (feel free to share) New York for Seniors continues its Health & Wellness Resource Series Thursday November...

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CenterLight Healthcare Joins New York for Seniors Health & Wellness Resource Fair Thursday Nov 14

Today it was announced that CenterLight Healthcare has come on board as an event sponsor for the New York for Seniors Health & Wellness...

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Deadline To Apply for New Apartments at 463 Livonia Ave is December 3, 2019 – Apply Now

HELP Livonia Apartments is a residential building located at 463 Livonia Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11207. The building includes 41 newly...

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What Seniors Should Know About the Flu

By Chris Woolston, M.S. How serious is the flu? Many people think the flu is nothing more than a bad cold — until they come down with...

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