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A Step-by-Step Approach to Lower Risk of Developing Type 2 Diabetes

A daily walk helps reduce your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Here’s how to get started. There are many good reasons to keep your...

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Brooklyn Fashion Designer Dewry DuRoi Collaborates with Diamond & Jewelry Artisan Mike Nekta

photo: CorDuRoi model wearing Mike Nekta jewelry In launching the CorDuRoi brand pre-New York Fashion Week, Dewry DuRoi Bradford produced...

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ENY Community Activist Chris Banks and PTA President Latesha Summers Rally To Stop Firing of Staff at I.S. 292

This past Friday, East New York Community Leaders, parents and students of I.S. 292 held a rally in front of the school.  The community...

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NYC PSAL HS Football Results & 54 Top Performers for Sept 24-26: Jaysen Jones West 230 Rush Yds, Saul Medina Taveras 171 rush yds 4TDs

Curtis – 43 JFK – 8 Top Performers Curtis:   FDR – 28 Petrides – 7 Top Performers FDR: Deon Ridore – TD pass Kevin Peguero –...

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SNAP Program Provides NYC Seniors With Monthly Food Benefits But the Program is Underutilized

Content powered by New York for Seniors Hunger among the nation’s seniors is a growing concern. Yet the federal Supplemental Nutrition...

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HealthJox Foundation Launched Its First Food Drive in Brownsville in Partnership With Exousia Cathedral

Content distributed by NYC Newswire To commemorate the innocent lives that were lost on the infamous day of 9/11, the founder of HealthJox...

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Choose These Foods for a Healthier Heart and Lower Your Risk for Heart Disease

These foods may lower your risk for heart disease and boost heart health. Eating a nutrient-rich diet low in saturated fat, cholesterol and...

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5 Must Watch Hip Hop Documentaries for Fans & Hip Hop Artists from

(photo – NAS | Time is Illmatic) Content Courtesy Tap in to these five films Much like Jazz and other black art...

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X-Golf America Coming to Williamsburg in Brooklyn

Content Distributed by NYC Newswire X-Golf America, an entertainment golf simulator concept, celebrates the franchise agreement signing of...

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The Pros and Cons of Vegetarian Diets

Eating plant-based foods sounds healthy, but there are still drawbacks to this type of diet. Many people follow a vegetarian diet in an...

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Is the COVID-19 Vaccine Safe for Kids?

Content made possible by Coney Island Task Force Now that adolescents and teens can get vaccines, you may have questions if they should. At...

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