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Why Many New Yorkers Still Don’t Know About Or Understand Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV)

By Florence Mafomemeh          Ranked-Choice Voting may have been successfully used in New York City for the first time in the 2021...

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East New York Assemblywoman Nikki Lucas Gets Her First Bill Passed Just 90 Days After Winning the Seat

If you are familiar with the New York political scene, you’ve probably heard how hard it might be to get legislation passed on any...

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Development in East New York Continues With Another New Building Coming to Atlantic Avenue

Current site where new 6 story building will be built It looks like a six-story residential building will be going up at 2753 Atlantic...

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Debbie Knapper and The Knappertime To Perform Live in East New York for Live Music Tuesdays at Fusion East

Live Jazz and R&B continues Tuesday May 17, 2022 at 7pm, in East New York at Fusion East Caribbean Soul Restaurant, with Debbie Knapper...

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$148 Million Investment in East New York and Canarsie Sewers To Reduce Flooding

Content Distributed by NYC Newswire Building new sewers and separating previously combined sewers creates additional capacity in the...

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Goodbye Wells Fargo. Hello Public Banking.

OpEd: By Sandy Nurse and Andy Morrison This month, Mayor Eric Adams and Comptroller Brad Lander vowed not to deposit city funds with Wells...

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Brooklyn Independent Hip Hop Artist & Producer Kota The Friend Launches ‘Free Not Woke’ Podcast

Courtesy Staff Kota the Friend, well known for being successful as an independent hip-hop artist and producer, has now...

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East New York’s Broadway Junction To Get Major Facelift With Mayor Eric Adams’ ‘CARE’ Strategy

Content Distributed via NYC Newswire This week Mayor Eric Adams announced his new “CARE” strategy, “City Agencies...

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Flight Night Music Festival Announces New York City Artist Lineup With Kota the Friend Headlining at Sony Hall

FLTBYS (Flight Boys) just announced the artist lineup for its Flight Night Music Festival (NYC) 2022, headlined by Kota the Friend. Flight...

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Brooklyn’s Kota the Friend and Denver’s Big Gigantic Release New Single Deja Vu

Courtesy of Brooklyn’s Kota the Friend and Denver’s Big Gigantic released a fire new single titled Deja Vu at...

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Affordable Housing Roundtable in East New York the Start of a Real Discussion About Solutions to the Housing Crisis

Real estate professionals, developers, community leaders and elected officials gathered for the Affordable Housing Roundtable, in East New...

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