Today’s Hip Hop Speaks To Artist James Kaye About His New Single “Colors” And More!

TODAY’S HIP HOP: How did you get the name Colors?

JAMES KAYE: That entire song stemmed from that one line right in the beginning of the song “I love all the Colors”! It just made sense after that.

THH: Tell US how Colors came about?

JK: Colors is a trip around the world in under 3 minutes. I recently went on vacation to get away and reflect and while I was traveling, I took a bit of a spiritual journey through the jungle. During my trip, I was reflecting on the woman I love, and everything we’ve been through and as I was picturing her I could literally see her aura… Like all these rays of light coming off her. It was this image of her I’ll never forget. When I went in to make the song I already knew exactly how it was going to go.

THH: How would you describe your sound?

JK: Definitely a hybrid between your more traditional RnB, some more of the Chill EDM / Pop stuff of today. We’re always searching for new ways to be creative and make songs special and unique, while also staying true to the music we love.

THH: Who are you musical influences?

JK: I grew up listening to classic rock… like Tom Petty and Steve Miller Band were some of my favorites. Then I got into more reggae, blues and chill stuff like Ben Harper and Jack Johnson before really being exposed to Hip-Hop and Rap which I fell in love with by the time I was in 5th grade. Nowadays I really just listen to the stuff we make at Longhaul Studios in LA. We work with a lot of really cool up and coming artists that I’m constantly inspired by. Mainstream wise, as of late, I’ve really enjoyed Teyana Taylor‘s album and the Ye album. I’m also starting to really like Kpop!



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