CDPAP For Seniors: How Your Senior Can Receive A Personal Assistant!

CDPAP is a program offered by Tradition Home Care, and it is a program geared towards seniors who need help doing tasks throughout their day! CDPAP stands for “Consumer Directed Personal Asistance Program” and it allows physically disabled or chronically ill seniors the option to obtain services from multiple personal assistants.

There is no training to become a personal assistant for your senior, but there is an application process. The salary is $13/hourly, and the minimum of hours that the assistant will receive for work depends on what their senior patient is approved for. When your senior decides to apply for Tradition’s CDPAP program, he/she must have 2 personal assistants complete a CDPAP application. Depending on the amount of hours the senior is approved for, the PA’s will split the hours into shifts. It is also good to have 2 PA’s just incase one falls sick, because Tradition will not be able to send a replacement.

If Tradition is not affiliated with the health plan that the senior currently has, they are still allowed to participate in the CDPAP program. To receive the services, the senior would have to agree to changing MLTC (Managed Long Term Care) plans.

For more information and questions on CDPAP, contact Tradition Home Care.

Endorsed by New York for Seniors.

Image via ElderCare At Home 


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